A Simple Konmari Method, Productivity Tools & My Next Book Release!

It’s the first day of March and a Friday – reason enough to send you a little self-loving, book-toting newsletter!

It’s also about that time of year when we’re questioning our 2019 resolutions, wondering if spring is ever truly gonna get sprung, and in general, just feeling a little restless and overwhelmed (am I right, or is it just me)? 🙈

So in this edition, I’d like to continue my self care series with some magic – I mean… serious magic – that will help you declutter, tend to your inner garden, and escape into fantastical realms on a whole new level. Keep scrolling for a few resources that will help you shine. 💖

And what about me? I love it that you’ve been asking! Many of you have written to me about the next Phoenix Decree novel, and all I can say right now is… get ready for some sexy, time-traveling beach reading! 🔆📚👓 I’m aiming for a summertime release, and as soon as I have a cover or any news to share, you’ll hear about it first if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, and then here on my website!

Finally, in case you didn’t already know, the first novel in my Phoenix Decree Saga series is always free to read as an eBook. So if you’re feeling bereft now that the latest Outlander Season has ended, and in need of an epic romance escape, grab a copy of The Phoenix Decree from your favorite online e-Retailer! We’d love to see you at Wedlove Castle.

Until next time… may March bring you daffodil promises of love and fun in the springtime sun.

All of My Heart,
~Anna Albergucci

Super Simple Konmari Mojo:
Spark Joy in Tiny Ways

Marie Kondo’s decluttering magic is even more the rage now that she’s on Netflix. I love her concept of determining how to prune the proverbial rose garden: if it feels good, keep it. If it doesn’t, release it. It’s not just a magical way to tend to the home, but to life as a whole. However, what’s difficult for me to absorb when I read about her method or watch the show is how time-consuming it is. Her philosophy is to make decluttering an event. Well… y’all, I’ve tried that before, and I don’t know about you, but… it ain’t gonna get done in one day. Or weekend. (Can you spell grandchildren)? 😋

I found this neat little decluttering challenge that feels realistic and fun for a fresh start pre-spring month like March. Apply the “spark joy” element of the Konmarie Method and I think this is a winner!

And on Day 31? R E S T . Rest is self-care, and you’ve earned it! 🙌

For Writing, Productivity & Sleep
ASMR = The Sounds of Magic

If you watched the Superbowl and wondered what on earth that weird Zoe Kravitz Michelob Ultra commercial was all about, Lordy, let me tell you because it is fantastic.

ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – has become a giant “thing” on YouTube. People are using it for better sleep, to curb anxiety attacks; for stimulating, yet calming background sounds for work and study… so yes, of course, it’s unbelievably awesome for writing!

Right (write) now I’m listening to this Harry Potter Forbidden Forest ambiance, and I can feel myself typing a little faster – my senses humming with the magic. For an extra immersive experience, fire ASMR videos up on your Smart TV. It’s like the Christmas fireplace Yule log loop, except HOGWART’S and LIBRARIES. Seriously cool.

Here are some ASMR videos to inspire your writing & reading sessions:

✨ Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Library ✨

✨ Harry Potter: Hagrid’s Hut ✨

✨ Harry Potter: Gryffindor Common Room ✨

✨ Library Sounds / Study Room ✨

✨ Haunted Forest Ambience ✨

To Make You Smile…
This Cat is BIG MOOD

“It is spring and I am fabulous. Hear me roar, birds!” 😹😹😹

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