The Year of Self-Love

Is it just me, or does the world feel more chaotic and demanding than ever?

As a Texan, my state isn’t conventionally wintry, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to the seasonal blues. Thankfully, this can be a wonderful time to travel inward, to contemplate our heart’s deepest desires, and to search for ways to light a fire in our souls. The silver lining to these darker days is called self care.

Beginning today, rather than working on unrealistic resolutions, let’s write a groundbreaking romance together: the love story of YOU. Every month, I’ll share a resource or two that I hope will help you fall deeper in love with your life. Keep scrolling for more!

I hope you had an amazing holiday season. Let’s write our Story of 2019 together, and make it spectacular, shall we?

All of My Heart,
~Anna Albergucci


Begin with Hygge

When feeling overwhelmed, tell yourself it’s time to hygge! Reach out to a loved one, and get together for coffee or tea. Steal away into your bed with a freshly-washed favorite blanket, and a book. Grab the special children in your life, and build something, or play, or read together. Create or rearrange your favorite nooks, or bookshelves. Light a heavenly-scented candle, or three. Call or text someone who makes you feel warm inside. Try a new recipe, or bake something adventurous. Cuddle your pets. Take a bubble bath. Give away hugs – lots of them. Step outside for some sun, or to search the stars. Breathe… breathe again… breathe some more… that’s hygge. This year, use that term as a new code word to tell your brain it’s time to purposefully get off the grid for a while.


Feeling Stuck?
Try the “5-Second Rule”

If you’ve never heard of the phenomenal Mel Robbins, get ready to thank me. 😎 She invented an amazingly simple way to re-program your brain, get rid of decades-old bad habits, and propel yourself forward when you’re feeling stuck. It’s pretty easy: you count backwards from 5. But it’s also so much more. Click the YouTube video below to watch Mel’s Ted Talk, and get ready to up your game…


To Make You Smile…

Animals hygge too!

I hope this little creature brings you the joy s/he brought me! Never underestimate the power of a ferret in total bliss…


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